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Our Vision

Bremore Ireland Port envisages a vibrant future by developing a new multi-modal energy port and a pioneering Innovation District. Guided by a master plan that intertwines nature, heritage, industry, and community, Bremore Ireland Port aims to redefine how an energy port can harmoniously coexist with cutting-edge urban development while preserving natural ecosystems and important archaeological areas.

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A Strategic Haven for the new port

Located on the coast of Co Meath, Bremore emerges as the ideal location for a new world-class deep-water multi-modal energy port project— Bremore Ireland Port. This project aims to propel further Ireland’s open trading economy, socio-economic gains for the regional economy, the offshore wind sector, hydrogen production and green energy goals.

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Driving Local Prosperity

A commitment to job creation is at the heart of the investment economic impact. Over the next decade, Bremore Ireland Port expects the creation of thousands of job opportunities spanning diverse sectors ranging from maritime operations, manufacturing and logistics to construction, research, education and technology.

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Paving the way for sustainable growth


Potential commercial revenues across the first 30 years of operations

Base Case financial forecasts show that Bremore Ireland Port has the potential to generate significant commercial revenues and economic benefits for the local region and nationally.


Value of goods imported and exported from Ireland in 2022

Ireland is a highly open economy with a strong export market focus and a dependency on foreign trade to meet its demand.


Ireland’s internationally traded goods (volume) transported by sea

Being an island, Ireland is dependent on ports to facilitate trade and ports have a critical role in facilitating economic growth.


Project Partners

Bremore Ireland Port is a project brought to life through the strategic collaboration of Drogheda Port Company and Ronan Group Real Estate. This partnership brings together expertise, experience, and a shared commitment to shaping a sustainable and prosperous future for Ireland.

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