Bremore Ireland Port stands as Ireland's most significant public infrastructure project in generations. It pledges to deliver essential new port capacity, initiate the transition to a hydrogen-based economy, and pioneer innovative development practices.



The approach to the development of Bremore Ireland Port will be rooted in community collaboration, environmental preservation, and a profound respect for the region’s heritage and archaeological treasures. Bremore Ireland Port aspires to redefine both the regional and national economy in the years to come. As a long-term, phased initiative, Bremore Ireland Port offers a solution to the employment and commuting challenges faced by the region, underpinned by the principles of best practice, consultation, and sustainable master planning. The commencement of consultation marks the initial phase preceding formal planning steps. This pivotal step invites input from stakeholders and the public, shaping the foundation for our upcoming planning endeavours. This consultation will continue to the design process, culminating in planning and related applications to local authorities, the Marine Area Regulatory Authority (MARA) and An Bord Pleanála.


Bremore Ireland Port is a project brought to life through the strategic collaboration of Drogheda Port Company and Ronan Group Real Estate. This partnership brings together expertise, experience, and a shared commitment to shaping a sustainable and prosperous future for Ireland.

Drogheda Port Company

With a rich history, Drogheda Port Company is a cornerstone of maritime excellence and trade in Ireland. Its legacy is rooted in facilitating economic growth and fostering connectivity through efficient port operations. As a pivotal partner in the Bremore Ireland Port project, Drogheda Port Company’s experience in managing and operating ports sets the foundation for Bremore’s seamless logistics and maritime operations. You can read more about Drogheda Port Company here.

Ronan Group Real Estate

Ronan Group Real Estate brings its unmatched development expertise to the Bremore Ireland Port project. With a track record of creating transformative urban environments, Ronan Group Real Estate has led the way in sensitive urban regeneration and best-in-class development. You can read more about Ronan Group Real Estate here.

Why Bremore?

Its location, primed for economic growth and job opportunities, boasts essential hinterland connections and deep-water access vital for a thriving multi modal energy port. Seamlessly integrated into Ireland's transportation network, Bremore aims to serve as a crucial hub for decarbonised logistics, easing urban congestion, and promoting sustainable urban development.


Positioned on the dynamic Dublin-Belfast Economic Corridor and linked to the Dublin-Belfast railway, Bremore Ireland Port plays a pivotal role in fostering North-South trade, enhancing transport ties, and supporting an all-island economy. Its strategic location facilitates trade, transport of goods, and cooperation for mutual growth.

Nestled here, it enjoys the benefits of reduced exposure to adverse weather conditions compared to the more exposed south and west coasts. The port’s accessibility extends to deep waters just offshore, with careful consideration for future expansion and the accommodation of deeper-draft vessels, ensuring its relevance in evolving maritime needs. Adjacent to the north-south rail line, Bremore offers direct rail links, streamlining cargo and ferry passenger transportation.

Bremore Ireland Port's Key Advantages

Bremore Ireland Port also benefits from a nearby land bank, further bolstering its growth and development endeavours. Its innovative design optimises layout efficiency, surpassing conventional port expansions. Notably, the layout strategically positions a deep hinterland area adjacent to each quay wall, facilitating the efficient stacking and storage of cargo. Bremore Ireland Port caters comprehensively to diverse cargo types, including large component stacking for the Offshore Renewable Energy sector. Its remarkable versatility extends to all cargo types, incorporating dedicated space for Green Hydrogen development. With a phased construction approach, Bremore Ireland Port is poised for seamless expansion to meet the evolving demands of trade. The proposed layout inherently supports well-organised port operations, utilising quay space with maximum efficiency, making Bremore Ireland Port a pivotal player in the maritime landscape.


Driving Local Prosperity

At the core of Bremore Ireland Port’s economic contribution lies its dedication to job creation. Over the next decade, the port envisions generating thousands of jobs spanning diverse sectors, from maritime and manufacturing to research, education, and technology.

As an energy port, it lays the foundation for a robust marine and industrial ecosystem. Activities like offshore wind assembly, green hydrogen production, and eco-friendly fuel distribution and the port’s diverse operational needs will drive demand for skilled professionals. Bremore’s Innovation District will act as an educational and research hub, attracting scholars and students. Its expansion catalyses ancillary industries, fostering a business network that echoes across Louth, Meath, and Fingal. These economic benefits extend into the future, ensuring sustained regional development and job growth.

The Imperative for a new port

At the core of Bremore Ireland Port's mission lies the solution to prevailing capacity constraints along the east coast. Our master plan envisages Bremore Port as the 21st-century Green Energy Hub, poised to drive regional expansion, alleviate urban congestion, and propel Ireland into a green energy revolution. The development of Bremore Port's infrastructure is set to yield a world-class deep-water, multi-modal energy port. Comprehensive demand studies underscore the pressing need for modern port facilities capable of accommodating diverse vessel and cargo types for decades to come.

This encompasses opportunities for decarbonisation and the facilitation of emerging trade prospects, notably in green energy and fuel exports. Our vision focuses on an ideal location, offering not only technical suitability but also efficient rail and road connectivity, bypassing congested areas.

Opting to construct a new port, rather than retrofitting an existing one, paves the way for innovation in design, operations, and crucially, harmonising with the local environment. Our design studies have diligently considered the parameters of the natural surroundings, including the rich heritage found along the foreshore and surrounding land. Ireland faces a pivotal moment where ambition intersects necessity, with the nation’s energy future hanging in the balance. The recently unveiled ‘National Ports Study,’ a collaborative effort between Wind Energy Ireland and engineering consultancy firm Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions, has shed light on a critical requirement – Ireland needs a new port to harness the immense potential of a large-scale offshore wind industry. Moreover, the port’s strategic location lends itself to servicing nearby offshore wind farm development and maintenance, serving as both a feeder port and an operational facility. Ireland’s energy ambitions are ambitious, and the capacity of a single port cannot accommodate these aspirations. A concerted, multifaceted collaboration involving ports, community interests, developers, industry stakeholders, and the government is imperative to achieve our nation’s carbon reduction objectives and support the National Hydrogen Strategy. Bremore’s strategic positioning plays a pivotal role in facilitating Green Hydrogen renewable energy development, offering substantial export prospects. This transformative endeavour promises robust regional and national economic growth, a bolstered local economy, inclusive of job creation, with investments in port infrastructure, an innovation district, and a large-scale energy generation hub.



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