Bremore's visionary concept has been crafted by Henning Larsen, a globally renowned architecture and design firm. With a legacy of innovative creations, their expertise has shaped the future of Bremore Ireland Port, fusing cutting-edge design and functional excellence into a transformative masterpiece.

Bremore's Vision

Bremore Ireland Port envisages a vibrant future by developing a new multi-modal energy port and a pioneering Innovation District. Guided by a master plan that intertwines nature, heritage, industry, and community, Bremore Ireland Port aims to redefine how an energy port can harmoniously coexist with cutting-edge urban development while preserving natural ecosystems and important archaeological areas.

The Innovation District

At the core of the Bremore Ireland Port vision lies the development of a groundbreaking Innovation District—an organic melding of urbanity and technology. This District envisages a future where port infrastructure and industrial prowess coalesce with knowledge, research, and sustainable living. The Innovation District envisages a multifaceted tapestry, combining light manufacturing, urban production, R&D offices, community services, residential areas and a dynamic university hub. Pictured: Henning Larsen, Wolfsburg Connect


Symbiotic Synergies in Nature and Heritage

Bremore Ireland Port seeks to reimagine urban landscapes by embracing its rich natural and historical context. The master plan envisages introducing new types of synergies and innovations where nature-based activities, environmental monitoring, energy production, and heritage preservation converge. From CO2 capture to new natural habitats, Bremore’s vision spans a spectrum that rejuvenates the ecosystem while fostering cutting-edge industries.

Bremore's Strategic Blueprint

The master plan utilises the site's natural features, weaving green and blue corridors that celebrate the local heritage through educational trails. These corridors act as connecting veins, linking the various components of the Innovation District. The innovative buffer, a hallmark of Bremore's plan, safeguards the right blend of programs, ensuring that Bremore thrives as an integrated ecosystem. Pictured: Henning Larsen, Fælledby


Programmatic Diversity: 
A Balanced Blend

Bremore Ireland Port’s visionary programmatic mix includes sectors ranging from agri-foods and ICT to pharmaceuticals, tech, and clean/green tech. The Innovation District’s diversity encompasses manufacturing, engineering, education, and emerging job opportunities, attuned to the locality’s current strengths and untapped potentials. Urban production caters to small-scale goods, while R&D offices champion knowledge and sustainability.

A Harmonious Blend: Community and Residential

The project integrates the creation of new homes within its master plan. Community spaces—cafes, restaurants, sports arenas, and more—create a tapestry of social connections, fostering a sense of belonging. Residential areas, thoughtfully designed as apartments, houses, co-living spaces and more, respond directly to their surroundings, offering diverse lifestyles that cater to short-term and long-term needs, providing a competitive alternative only thirty minutes from Dublin.


Cherishing Nature and Heritage

Bremore Ireland Port aims to integrate nature and heritage into the urban fabric seamlessly. Greenways, heritage trails, and educational hubs allow residents and businesses to immerse themselves in an environment where sustainability and cultural exploration intertwine. From green roofs to tidal parks, Bremore’s landscape becomes a living canvas that marries the past and the present.

Putting Sustainability at the Core

Bremore Ireland Port is spearheading the energy transition and decarbonisation. Over time, the Innovation District aims to be Ireland’s first net-zero district by harnessing green energy production’s power through green energy technology and efficient waste management to electrifying buildings and mobility.



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